Wednesday, December 17, 2008

God's Faithfulness

I am excited about this coming year
While the world is worried about the current financial crisis
God has and will provide for His people at Calvary Santa Fe

When I came to Santa Fe the church was in shambles, I inherited a $250,000.00 lawsuit, and a church that was devastated by the adultery of the former pastor

When we moved to our new building giving went down 80%

Did God want our church to endure? Yes He has provided

Five years later we are still here and stronger than ever
Stronger? God by His grace has allowed us to cultivate unity, and the resolve to endure our current trial (My Illness)

Some have tried to make this trial harder by criticizing the pastors who have stepped up
Thank you Vic and Issac for answering the call, using your gifts and taking the shots

In spite of the dissenters desire to discourage, God is sovereign and what they intend for evil God intends for good
This will only make our leadership stronger - Romans 8:28

We have a lot to do in Santa Fe
The pastors and deacons will reveal New Years eve the vision for 2009

Please pray for 2009 that God will bless us with much fruit

Pastor Paul

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