Saturday, October 25, 2008

Answering Questions

I know there may be some who have questions as to what the future maybe for my role at Calvary

I would love to address any questions or concerns

Pastor Paul


Patricia Ortiz said...

Pastor Paul,
First I want to say how much I miss you and your teachings.
I have no history with Calvary Santa Fe and have just been attending services since 2005. As a matter of fact I was invited by a friend to church but misunderstood her and showed up at Calvary Santa Fe (she attends another church). After that First Sunday I was so moved by the teaching and the love that you have for the church I stayed and have continued to grow in Christ.
You and the church have truly been a blessing in my life and how I live it.
I thank the Lord everyday for all my blessing s and daily trials and for bringing me to Calvary Santa Fe.
I pray that the Lord ease your pain and for healing and also for your family.
May God Bless you and your family.

Patricia Ortiz. 

Anonymous said...

Pastor Paul,

Just wanted to encourage you that even in your absence from the pulpit the love and prayer you've poured (and continue to) into this fellowship are tangible. It's evident in the manner that Wendy and the boys continue ministering to others and in the way I see folks working out humbly living lives of long obedience outside the walls of the church. The Lord continues to bless and I'm most certain the enemy is doing double-time to spread discouragement as so many are embracing their trials with the confidence that we have the privilege of fleshing out the promise of Romans 8:28-39.

I don't know what thoughts you have as to your future role, but being Miss Bossy Boots...I'd implore you to rest in Him, love on your family and know that a number of us are daily praying for your healing and hope that you stay on in the capacity that you serve in...we prayerfully and expectantly wait for what the Lord has in store for our fellowship. His timing is always perfect though that is sometimes so difficult for me to wrap my heart around. I cannot speak to your pain as I am often blinded by my own...but have learned that during the more intense times to not make decisions of import beyond not drinking milk past it's expiration date. You are having an incredible impact and the Lord is using you to minister to hearts that He has called and is calling to Himself. Even if now the time that you are able to minister from the pulpit is limited, or time at your keyboard is short...your living out loud holding to His faithfulness, goodness and love is a message that our congregation is taking to heart.

I pray that you can find a place of relief and that in those moments of worship that the pain, troubling thoughts and concerns for the future melt in the warmth of His love and that He bless you with restful restorative sleep. We continue to hold Wendy, Samuel and Cameron in prayer and ask that He comfort and lavish His grace on you as a family.

Gentle Hugs,
Debbi and family

Barbara said...

I will be honest and say - Yes, I have been wondering about the future of Calvary Santa Fe & Pena Blanca and your role in that future. To qualify that, though, I have to say that I'm waiting, as I think you are, for the Lord to reveal the answer. Not long ago you said words to the affect you'd rather have a small, faithful body of believers in the church than a huge group that were not committed to Jesus. So I see what's happening to you, and through you happening to the body of Calvary, as a way for God to bring this true faith to life in us. As the Lord reveals His plan for you and for Calvary, yes I'll want to know, and in the meantime we can all be reassured by remembering God most certainly holds our future in His perfect, loving hands.
Please know you are a blessing and inspiration to the church body. Though we can't feel the intensity of your suffering, we're in this with you, and with Wendy, Samuel and Cameron.
Peace and grace, Barbara