Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Plea for Consistency

For six years by Gods grace the pastoral staff has served the church of Calvary Santa Fe. Even now we are doing all we can to serve the church under great physical as well as spiritual trial. Many of you are standing with us, thank you. But what has been revealed is that many who have called Calvary their church have, to say the least been inconsistent. If Calvary Santa Fe is your church may I plead with you to be consistent? Attend, serve, give, and bring glory to the name of the Lord. The devil would want nothing more than for our church to become ineffective. We, as long as we have breath will fight against the enemy. Will you join arms with us? Please pray for Calvary Santa Fe

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Adam Jazz Coast said...

Hello brothers..sisters...adam Calvary The Brook in Grand Terrace,Ca ...We are in an elementary school..have been for 5 years now ..a building project ahead of us! The Lord Provides..and the Road is uphill..and maybe as Caleb who wholly followed the Lord wanted Hebron which was a tough land to purify and stay out of the comfort zone..I encourage you to ROCK ON with HIM leading you and breathing Freshness in you..filling you with His Holy Spirit!Let each Message be focused from Him and do not look at the stormy environment of inconsistent "attendees". Consistency is something that can look disappointing but exhort for accountability in your Men and Womens groups...
We are a serving church...I have been an usher for 4years and a believer for 20! I have fallen several times before and walked away before this season serving.
Challenge your people.. Don't be safe; tell about SIN about Hell about His Holy Spirit, His Grace..His Mercy... The Lord is Consistent and Know that is what counts.
I applied for a job in Sante Fe..whether I get the job is of course in His Hands! Radio Production is my thing...I edit pastors messages here and email segments to our men study guys!
The Job would actually be up your street ! Thanks for your prayers...I am praying for you! Lord bless and powerfully impact your MEN- and Women and Families!
Adam Garey He Reigns! Be Strong and of Good Courage -we are in the Book of Joshua!